Lena Dunham Visits This Eatery When She Craves "Luxury Foods" With a Healthy Spin

Lena Dunham Visits This Eatery When She Craves "Luxury Foods" With a Healthy Spin

When Lena's two food personalities collide, at least they can agree on the same cafe.

By Tamara Palmer

Lena Dunham, like most women (and most people?) in America, admits to struggling with how she should eat. It's a battle that can be especially tough if you live in New York City, a minefield of carb-laden temptations.

"I have two eating personalities at war within me: one is a real '70s California Girl. She gets genuine pleasure from sprouts and sesame dressing and jiggly blocks of tofu. She lives for brown-rice pudding and chia seeds blended into a gray-green smoothie that has a texture akin to getting sand blown in your face," Dunham wrote on her site Lenny. "But then there's the girl I like to call Luxury Foods Pizza Queen. She subsists solely on hamburgers, fancy prosciutto sandwiches, and late-night pizza, possibly followed by a Funfetti doughnut. She feels a unique mix of nausea and elation at all times. She is living her truth — and it's also giving her diarrhea."

The Butcher's Daughter, a juice bar and cafe in New York City, is a place that "both California Girl and Pizza Queen can get behind," she asserted.

She probably didn't expect to incite a minor debate on the morality of dairy when she dared to post a mention of her article, and its attendant seasonal grilled cheese recipe from The Butcher's Daughter, to her Instagram account—although she did mention in her story that the recipe can easily be made vegan for the dairy-averse. If you're intrigued, check out the comments on her IG post. 

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Dunham's article also shares the cafe's recipe for a delicious-looking dairy-free smoothie made with coconut yogurt, frozen lychees and dates—a tasty reminder that sometimes you can have it all.

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