Lisa Vanderpump Shares the Emotional Moment She Learned About Yulin Banning the Sale of Dog Meat

Lisa Vanderpump Shares the Emotional Moment She Learned About Yulin Banning the Sale of Dog Meat

The news "brought her to her knees."

By Kristyn Pomranz
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Lisa Vanderpump Talks About Her Staunch Opposition to Yulin Festival

When the news broke that China’s Yulin Festival—the notorious ten day “celebration” that encourages the consumption of canines—was set to officially ban the sale of dog meat, no one was more floored than Lisa Vanderpump. (ICYMI, Lisa and her husband Ken Todd have been among the staunchest, most vocal celebrity critics of the festival, co-founding Stop Yulin Forever and organizing marches in L.A. and on Washington.)

In an upcoming interview with Entrepreneur, Lisa spoke about the moment she found out about the ban, why she feels so much compassion for dogs, and the importance of using her platform for good.

On the Yulin Ban

"The news last night brought me to my knees and tears. I was actually in downtown getting flowers for Pump at 7 A.M. when I heard the news that they were actually putting a ban on dog meat for the dog festival. That was extraordinary—when you see things come to fruition, things that you’re so passionate about."

On her compassion for dogs

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in charge at the Hero Dog Awards. I know that they’re not just pets. They have incredible minds, dogs. They can detect cancer and seizures and segue people from PTSD, rehabilitate them. Seeing eye dogs—they can really give people lives. There are so many dogs that people are dismissing them as animals. But they are empathetic to our needs and I think we should be equally empathetic to theirs."

On using her platform for good

"Fortunately I have a lot of power because of reality television, and a voice that can be heard. So I managed to go to Congress, and shout it to the rooftops and garner attention all over the world. Bravo and Evolution Media were generous enough to support my plight. When I went back to Housewives...I said 'If I come back, will you document my philanthropic efforts?' and they said yes. And I said, 'Well I am largely focusing on the fight against Yulin,' and they said they would do that. And I said, 'Sign me up.'"

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