Macklemore's Adventures With His Adorable Grandma In His New Video Are Going To Make You Cry

Macklemore's Adventures With His Adorable Grandma In His New Video Are Going To Make You Cry

It's so sweet your heart will grow 10 sizes. 

By Marianne Garvey

Macklemore’s new video, “Glorious” will make you cry—if you have a heart and love grandmas everywhere.

The rapper’s new video shows his tender side as he surprises his grandmother, Helen Schott, with a visit ahead of her 100th birthday in November. Filmed over two days in June, the video, documents them having an adventure in a convertible all over Modesto, CA.

“Grandma — nothing is more Glorious than you. Happy 100th. Thank you for the Werthers Originals. The advice. And for being a part of something that I’ll treasure forever. Love Ben,” Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) wrote of the video.

His grandma was surprised to find her famous grandson standing at her front door and was moved to tears when she opened the door. “Oh my God, what are you doing here, honey?” she asks.

Helen, who kind of resembles Betty White, first asks, “You want to go outside and have a drink? No, you don’t drink. Just me. I took up your habits,” she says, laughing.

“Today, we’re going to do whatever you want to do,” he says.

“Anything?” she says. “Oh God, I want to do it all.”

Helen starts her day by egging someone’s house—then flipping the bird outside the house. After seeing how sweet grandma is, this person is clearly a monster.

Macklemore takes her to the shoe store for Yeezys, they sing karaoke, hit a thrift store for some duds, play games at the arcade, race through the grocery store, and stop at a tattoo parlor where Macklemore gets Helen inked on his shoulder.

Back at the house, Helen is greeted with her best friends, a huge cake with 100 candles, balloons, and…a fireman stripper.

The video has over 3 million hits in its first day. Grandma would be proud. And now famous.

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