Want to Make Perfect Iced Coffee? Try This Quick and Awesome Japanese Method

Want to Make Perfect Iced Coffee? Try This Quick and Awesome Japanese Method

This little trick is supposedly big in Japan, and we're into it.

By The Feast Staff

Iced coffee couldn't be easier, right? Just brew up some hot coffee, let it cool, add ice, done. Um yeah, not so fast. While that technique, if you can call it a technique, does net you a cup of cold coffee with ice in it, chances are you're not going to be luxuriating in every sip of this stuff. And in minutes it's going to taste watered-down and dull. This is the method lots of fast-food and coffee chains use, according to Food & Wine. Nuff said. But yes, there is a way to make kick-ass cold coffee at home, and the Japanese are onto it.

Food & Wine chatted with Counter Culture Coffee's J. Park Brannen to get the lowdown on the various ways to make a cup of iced coffee—from the "slow-cool" style above, to the cold brew technique, to the simply titled Japanese Method.

What's that? It may sound sophisticated (it is!) but it's actually easy and doable at home—though it will involve a bit of math. Basically, you're going to brew some extra-strong concentrated coffee, and then filter it directly onto a carafe filled with ice. Won't that dilute it, you ask? No, because you'll calculate the perfect water-to-coffee-grounds ratio before you start, and then you'll use half the water to brew the hot coffee, and the other half to make ice. So you end up brewing and cooling all in one step. Total time? Four minutes. Find the more detailed instructions here, and happy brewing.

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