Why Is Malia Obama Opting Out of her Parents' Posh Caribbean Vacation?

Why Is Malia Obama Opting Out of her Parents' Posh Caribbean Vacation?

Typical teenager (and yet not).

By Alesandra Dubin

Everyone is entitled to his or her own vacation preference: Come wintertime, some are more Aspen types, while others bail for Bora Bora. Barack and Michelle Obama appear to fit into the second category, ditching Palm Springs after a rained-out weekend and making for Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean by private jet. Not too shabby for folks in search of some R&R and warm sunshine.

Daughter Malia Obama, however, opted out of a family vacation. (Teens are known to want to do that, but in this case, her parents’ plans did seem uncommonly tempting.)

Instead, the 18 year old is attending the Sundance Film Festival in snowy, cold Park City, Utah.

Page Six reported that Malia is interning for the Weinstein Co. film company before attending Harvard this fall. As you might imagine, such a high-profile intern isn’t exactly going to be doing the lowest-level grunt work. And in fact, sources close to the film company told TMZ that Malia's paid internship hasn't even kicked off yet, and her visit to the film fest is merely on her own time.

Call it brushing up — as the studious teen and her sister Sasha are known to do — or perhaps just a pure vacation in a majorly buzzy destination. She’s known to be a big fan of the flicks.

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