Malin Akerman’s Son Isn’t Allowed to Watch Her Movies!

Malin Akerman’s Son Isn’t Allowed to Watch Her Movies!

The single mom spills what she’s really freaked out about.

By Hilary Sheinbaum

To millions of viewers, Malin Akerman is known as Lara Axelrod for her role on the hit show Billions. But, at home, the 38-year-old blonde is best known as “mom.” On Monday, the actress helped Ferrero U.S.A. Inc. launch Kinder Joy (you know, that plastic egg-shaped package with both chocolate and a toy inside) in America. Lucky lady!
“I grew up with Kinder products, because I grew up in Sweden. I didn’t realize they weren’t in the US until now, because I go back to Sweden all the time and get my fix!,” admits Akerman. “I’m excited because they’re launching it here in the US, and I get to introduce it to my son.”

Her son, Sebastian, 4, is fortunate for more than a few reasons. First off, mom is eager to spoil him with chocolate and playthings (I mean, can you adopt us, Malin?).
We found out how Akerman spends time with her little guy — and what she refuses to let him see — in our 1:1 chat with the Swedish-Canadian sweetheart.
You gave a Kinder Joy to your son, Sebastian, and what happened?
He’s elated, because usually he [usually] has to choose between a treat and a toy, but here it’s all in one — he gets a treat and a toy. He loves it. It’s going to be hard to stop him from wanting one all the time.

What is your son into these days? Video games? Reading?

He’s more into inventions. If we were to put a video on, he’d be excited to watch a paper mill and how paper is made. He wants to know how things are made. Usually, a lot of the stuff we play with are: gears that we can put together, or wires that get put together that you can switch the lights on and off, or magnetic putty, and making things out of that. He loves magic tricks, and inventions and science projects, and those kinds of things.

Do you have Thanksgiving plans?

We do! We’re going to see friends of ours on Martha’s Vineyard. One of my best friends has a little boy, who is my godson now. We’re going to go and see them. We haven’t seen them since the summer.

Do you cook anything for Thanksgiving?

No! [Laughs.] I eat everything. I will maybe be in charge of the green beans. I can do that.

Any chance you hold back on Thanksgiving feasting, or do you go all out?

The funny thing is, it’s just like going to a buffet. You’re so excited, and then you get there, and one plate in, you’re full, because it’s not like you do that every day. You have to wait a few hours, and you go again. It’s just nice. I just enjoy sitting around a table for a while and just picking at things. But, yeah, I let myself go at it.
When it comes to Christmas, does Sebastian still believe in Santa?

What’s on his Christmas wish list?

He’s very vague. He just said, “Everything that’s fun.” He likes putting together marble runs and conveyor belts that run up and make them go — like machinery. Just trying to get creative now with science projects. Remember those volcanoes that you would make explode? Things like that. I think I’ll be going to the science center to get most of his toys — and hopefully he thinks they’re fun, because that’s his wish list!

What kind of activities do you do together?

Everything! In New York, on a daily basis: playgrounds. He has a scooter, so he’ll be on his scooter, and I’ll bike ride. He just got a skateboard with a million pads.

Are you worried?

Yeah! I’m freaked out. I’m not going to deny him from learning something that he loves, and he’s got great balance. He’s great. He picked it up within the first 10 minutes.

What else do you and Sebastian do in your leisure time? 

We do a lot of the children’s museums and science centers, and play dates with friends. Sometimes we go to the movies.

Your son isn’t watching Billions, but are there any movies, clips, or scenes he loves to watch mommy in?

He hasn’t seen really any of my stuff. He’s seen an interview or two of mine. I’ve had some things where I sing — I’ve shown him some of those things. But, other than that, the movies that I’ve done: he’s not allowed to watch, ever!

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