Man Eats Entire Pizza Pie Every Day for 367 Days, Somehow Loses Weight

Man Eats Entire Pizza Pie Every Day for 367 Days, Somehow Loses Weight

This guy is giving us major diet envy.

By Drew DiSabatino

Look, we’re not new in town. We know about some of the weird diets people have undertaken in the past. The baby food diet. The beer diet. The potato diet. But a diet of ordering and consuming a large pizza from Domino’s every single day for a leap year and a day is kind of a new one.

But TODAY reports that Brian Northrup of Scotch Plains, NJ just completed that diet by ordering and consuming an entire Domino's pizza every day for 367 consecutive days.

The kicker? He lost almost six pounds in the process. Here’s the end result:

According to his Instagram, Northrup’s goal was to show that even if you’re not eating the best diet in the world (like, say, a large pizza every day) it’s still possible to lose weight and get in shape if you work out enough. Northrup claims that in a year’s time he increased his strength, speed, and cardiovascular endurance, has not gotten sick, and has not suffered any sort of injuries. He also states that he visited a doctor, both before beginning the program ("program" is a generous word here) and throughout the year to keep tabs on his blood pressure, cholesterol, and other vital signs in case they spiked. Weirdly enough, they did not.

Along the way, Northrup pretty much ran the ingredient gamut, keeping his pies interesting by trying out all sorts of ingredient and sauce combinations—though his hat game varied considerably less.

TODAY also reported that Domino’s had nothing to do with this attempt, but that they did wish Northrup well and hoped he was a member of their loyalty program.

We’d say ordering 367 days of Domino's pizza is the ultimate definition of loyalty.

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