When This Man Overheard Racist Comments at a Cafe, He Sent the Offenders a Pot of Tea With This Note

When This Man Overheard Racist Comments at a Cafe, He Sent the Offenders a Pot of Tea With This Note

This pot of tea speaks softly, but carries a big stick.

By Aly Walansky

Is it best to fight fire with fire, or to kill 'em with kindness? An Australian named Jarred Wall decided to use tea instead, after overhearing two women in a coffee shop having a racist conversation about indigenous people. He sent them a pot of tea and this note:

When he heard the two women making negative remarks about the indigenous aboriginal people of Australia, Wall, who is Aboriginal himself, could have gotten understandably upset. Instead, the kind note he sent them has gone viral, and Wall has received worldwide attention for his generous handling of the matter.

"They were elderly ladies, I didn’t want to humiliate anyone or cause conflict,” he told Mashable, expressing more respect than the people for who he bought the tea.

But apparently that wasn’t the end of the story. Wall went on to appear on Australian TV’s The Project Monday night, and mentioned that after the incident he had visited another local café, where another unrelated couple sent HIM a pot of tea to thank him for his act.

"There should be more people like you, #EnglishBreakfastTea," the note read.

On 7 News Sydney, Wall explained the reason behind his seemingly small but impactful gesture: "I didn't want to sit there and do nothing, because then, nothing changes."

(Via Mashable)

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