Happy Valentine’s Day! This Man Did a Couples Photoshoot with his Pug

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Man Did a Couples Photoshoot with his Pug

He might love his dog more than you love your Valentine.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Jonathan Graziano had spent a long time looking for true love, to no avail. But then he met Noodle, an overweight 9-year-old pug, and the connection was instant—like that time Harry met Sally or that other time Teresa Giudice met a table and flipped it (head) over (heels).

As a proud romantic, Graziano decided to share his and Noodle’s love with the world via a couples’ photoshoot. You know the kind: the ones you scroll quickly past on Facebook as you roll your eyes. But, TWIST: Couples’ photos are actually a jillion times more enjoyable when they feature a man and his chunky pug.

The elements are all familiar: romantic walks down New York City streets, poses in front of waterfalls, chaste kisses shared, banana picnics enjoyed, and sweet paw-holding. But Jonathan and Noodles avoid cliché through the playful uniqueness of their relationship, giving all of us a reason to celebrate true love on this, the most romantic of all holidays.

completely normal . @barkbox

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