Mark Consuelos Clarifies Kelly Ripa's Sex Comment: Not "Mean," "I Just Fall Asleep"

Mark Consuelos Clarifies Kelly Ripa's Sex Comment: Not "Mean," "I Just Fall Asleep"

Now he's trying to stay awake and be nice. 

By Personal Space Staff
Kelly Ripa's Impersonations

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos continue to take us into their bedroom with them. No problem, it’s fascinating.

After Kelly accused her hubby of being mean to her post-sex, as he co-hosted alongside her earlier this month, there were some things left to clear up. The happily married couple addressed he subject once again on Wednesday after their comments made trending news.

After Mark said he was getting news alerts and stare downs from female strangers Kelly laughed, “I’m sorry! I was joking,” during Live! With Kelly. “This is a funny, irreverent show. I didn't realize that it would become trending news.”

Mark, 45, laughed as he said, “I didn't refute it because I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. … I just wanted to set the record straight that no one can be mean after something if they are unconscious. I sleep.”

“Maybe that's what I meant,” Kelly replied. “I didn't really mean 'mean.' I meant completely disinterested, like sound asleep.”

Originally she had said, “He's immediately mean to me afterwards! And I don't like that. I think it's bizarre. He becomes short with me, like irritated,” which caused quite a stir.

Now, she says her husband of 20 years became so worried about how he was treating her that he has suddenly become a lot sweeter following sex.

“Now, he's oddly attentive,' she explained. 'There's odd conversations, like, "Do you want to watch the Real Housewives? What do you want to do? Would you like pizza? Can I get you flowers?"'

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