The Nail-Biting Reason Why Mark Zuckerberg's Wife Got Screwed Out of a Proper Honeymoon (But He's Making Up for It)

The Nail-Biting Reason Why Mark Zuckerberg's Wife Got Screwed Out of a Proper Honeymoon (But He's Making Up for It)

Worth it.

By Alesandra Dubin

If you're marrying one of the richest and most famous business people in the world (despite the misleading hoodie), you're going to have to be prepared to roll with some punches.

That's what Priscilla Chan learned right off the bat when she married Mark Zuckerberg, an event with complexities that the Facebook founder detailed in a post on the social network in celebration of the couple's five-year anniversary.

"Today is Priscilla and my five year wedding anniversary," he wrote. "Yesterday was the five year anniversary of Facebook's IPO. Now you may ask, who would plan their wedding for the day after their IPO? Good question."

Indeed. Do go on.

"Priscilla and I wanted a low key wedding so we decided to make it a surprise and have it in our backyard. I sent our friends and family an email telling them I was throwing a surprise party for Priscilla to celebrate her graduation from medical school. Since they thought it was a surprise for Priscilla, they kept it quiet. When they showed up at our home, I told them we were getting married. It was a great day."

But of course, it was not without its many challenges: "One side effect of having a surprise wedding is that Facebook's CFO who was managing our IPO process had no idea we were getting married. With IPOs, the process goes on for a while and you just go public when everything is ready. When I originally set the date for our surprise, we had no idea when the IPO would be."

When initial public offering turned out to be "not exactly smooth," he wrote, the couple's honeymoon took a hit. "Priscilla and I took off on our honeymoon, but I wanted to be with our team when things got rocky, so I cut our honeymoon a few days short. Instead, I promised Priscilla that every year we'd have a honeymoon to celebrate our marriage."

And he's making good on that promise: "That brings us to today. Some years we've gone to Japan or France. This year we're traveling around the U.S. and we'll be spending our honeymoon in rural Maine. One lesson I've learned from marriage is that exploring together just gets better over time."

OK, Mark. You're forgiven.

See the entire (sweet) post here:

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