Married Couple With Matching Nails Tell Us About Their Pic That Went Viral

Married Couple With Matching Nails Tell Us About Their Pic That Went Viral

The wife's Facebook post has over 100,000 shares.

By Marianne Garvey

Libby Sanders woke up Thursday to find her Facebook posting about her nails had gone viral. The picture shows Libby, who is missing her left pinky, placing her hand over her husband Matt’s—she is wearing sea foam green polish on her four fingers, while he places his pinky where hers would be, and his one nail is painted the same color. 

Her posting read: “This is who I married....I was painting my nails and made a comment that I forget I don't have to paint my pinky nail on my left hand. I simply forget that I lost my pinky, but it is always kind of a bummer when I am reminded. Matt said "I will be your surrogate pinky. You can paint my pinky to match your nails for the rest of our lives" 

And so we did....I cannot image a sweeter, kinder man. No words adequately describe our love.”

The story goes like this; Libby, a nurse from Jasper, Indiana, was home one day in February when she had a “freak accident” with her screen door. 

“I was shutting the door really hard because it wasn’t shutting all the way. I broke the door and the handle snapped off. A piece of it snagged my pinky and it bruised really badly,” she says. “I had to see a hand surgeon and eventually part of my hand actually died. I had to have it amputated in March.”

Libby, 37, says even though she’s an “optimist to a fault,” her husband started to notice that she had become self-conscious about the missing finger.

“It’s just a pinky, I’m very much a get up and keep going kind of person,” Libby says. “But my husband saw that I’d been a little self conscious here and there, he says I’ll put it in my pocket or hold it with my right hand.”

They love to end their day watching TV in bed, where Libby will often give herself manicures and paint her fingernails whatever color she feels like in the moment. Libby says they were actually watching one of the Housewives franchises (she doesn’t remember which one) when their new nail painting tradition began.

“We were both sitting in bed watching TV together, we laugh so hard,” she says. “So I was painting my nails and going to paint my left pinky. I was used to doing that forever and I laughed. It’s a bummer and I’m still not used to not painting it. I still go to paint it every time. You think eventually I’d be like nope, don’t have one,” she jokes. “I had a sad look on my face, and I painted my husband's pinky and he said ‘I’ll be your surrogate pinky for the rest of our lives’ and that was that.”

The couple continues to change the polish weekly, currently they are burgundy, Libby says. 

“He likes it too,” she says. “Throughout the day he’ll look down and he it reminds him of me.”

The couple, both on their second marriage, will celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary in September. They went to the same high school, but didn’t connect until later in life when Libby was working alongside Matt’s sister, and she suggested the two go to dinner.

“Hell yeah, he’s cute, I won the lottery.”

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