Martha Stewart Cooks All Her Dogs’ Meals From Scratch Because Of Course She Does

Martha Stewart Cooks All Her Dogs’ Meals From Scratch Because Of Course She Does

That’s such a Martha thing to do.

Everything about Martha Stewart’s well-curated life is amazing. From her business empire to her sprawling farm, she lives a life that’s like Pinterest came to life and taught you how to mothproof your closet while wearing a $500 beige sweater.

And Martha’s passion for pets is on the same scale as everything else in her life—grand. Her pets include dogs, cats, canaries, horses, donkeys, chickens and peafowl. (Listen, we had to Google what a peafowl was and apparently it’s just a fancy way to say peacock. That’s so Martha.) It’s truly a brood that could rival the Cyrus family’s.

But of all her pets, we believe that the dogs are Martha’s favorites. She has her own line of dog supplies, including toys, clothes, and grooming tools. Heck, Martha loves dogs so much that she even picked one as a costar for her newest TV show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. Snoop Dog aside, Martha has five dogs: a pair of Frenchies (Bete Noir and Crème Brûéle), and three Chow Chows (Empress Chin, Peluche, and G.K.) But the most damning evidence that dogs are Martha’s favorite is the fact that she cooks all of their food from scratch. Take that donkeys, she’s not cooking your food from scratch! (Actually, she might. You never know with Martha.)

In her blog post, Cooking for My Dogs, Martha details how she selects quality meats, rice, veggies and quinoa from the most wholesome, organic sources and batch cooks her dogs’ food for a month at a time. This month’s batch of dog food included two pounds of brown rice, two bags of carrots, four heads of broccoli, freshly butchered beef and a big “chunk” of tuna. And then (of course), Martha also added sweet potatoes, peas, boiled pumpkin and some basil to the nutritious meal. While Martha purees the meat in the food processor, everything else is mixed together as-is, making it look more like a delicious dinner party entree than dog food. 

She separates out daily portions for each dog into containers and then freezes the individual portions. She also notes that cooking her dogs’ meals herself allows her to customize each pet’s diet. (Ex: Her dog G.K. is on a lower protein diet, which she is easily able to accommodate.) All in all, Martha made 25 quarts of food, ready to freeze and feed her pets this month.

As Martha has often said: Everyone loves a home cooked meal, and clearly that includes your pets, as evidenced by how happy, healthy, and well-fed these doggos are. To be honest, we’re pretty jealous of these pups and their organic meals. Martha, will you feed us and give us a forever home too?

Life's a walk in the park 💁💁 (Photo from @marthastewart48)

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#TBT to when Ghenghis Khan was just a baby pup getting to know his new home! #NationalPuppyDay

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Ghenghis Khan is having fun at #AmericanMade! Are you? 🐶 (Photo by @lindspie)

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