Martha Stewart Says You Have to Ask These Questions First in Order to Have the Perfect Wedding Day

Martha Stewart Says You Have to Ask These Questions First in Order to Have the Perfect Wedding Day

You really will figure out exactly what you want. 

By Marianne Garvey
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If you want a unique wedding day, Martha Stewart says she has the answer. (Of course she does.)

The home and crafting guru has come up with 20 questions every couple needs to ask in order to plan their perfect wedding day. She explains in her new book, Martha Stewart Weddings Ideas and Inspiration, that the answers will help you understand exactly what you want for your big day.

Start with the venue, she says, answering the following:

1. Where did you meet?

2. Where did you vacation as kids (summer camp, family trips, summer abroad)?

3. What did you do on your first date?

4. Where was your first vacation together?

5. What time of year do you love the most?

Find the type of ceremony that suits you:

6. What colors do you gravitate toward?

7. Are you obsessed with a certain flower?

8. What family heirloom would you cherish carrying on your day?

9. What song lyric or poem moves you the most?

10. Do you have a pet?

For the reception:

11. What bar do you frequent?

12. What's your favorite sport or team?

13. What's your go-to food?

14. What's your favorite restaurant?

15. Do you share a guilty pleasure?

Anything extra:

16. What are your hobbies, or do you collect anything?

17. How would you describe your dream date night?

18. What are your nicknames?

19. Do you have a desert-island book or favorite quote?

20. What's your number one film?

Martha says that the answers will reveal all the details you need to know on your wedding day, like how to decorate your tables and what music, cake, and party favors you should choose. Just hope you choose the right spouse. 

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