Men Totally Lie About Penis Size...By How Much and Guess Where It Happens the Most?

Men Totally Lie About Penis Size...By How Much and Guess Where It Happens the Most?

Men were asked their size. Then they were told the truth. 

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Surprise! Most men are guilty of lying about the size of their…feet. Kidding, they totally lie about the size of their man package on the regular.

Whether it’s a source of pride or embarrassment, many men fudge the measurements of their private parts. A survey by dating website Saucy Dates asked men in different countries where men exaggerate the most about the size of their penis.

First, the survey had men estimate the length of their erect penis. Then they compare that number to the guesstimate made by women about the size of their last sexual partner.

So who’s the worst?

Aussie men. Australian men exaggerated the most, said the survey. They claim an average penis measures a generous 7.09 inches. Women said men who claimed they were that number actually clocked in at 5.58 inches.

American men also exaggerate what’s in their pants. The average size determined by American men was 7.24 inches, where women said the reality was actually 6.64 inches.

British guys claimed they were 6.89 inches while women said they were less at 6.64 again.

A total of 953 men were asked their size, then handed a tape measure. They were asked specifically: what is the size of your penis? Females (762 in total) were asked: what was the size of the penis of the last man you had sex with?

The study then took the average of both answers to see if there was an exaggeration in size.

The country found to be the most honest?


“The women claim their men have the longest penis length at an average size of 6.95 inches. The Canadian men are also modest and claim to have an average size less than the women are suggesting. It suggests when men know they are topping the league tables there is really no reason to lie, they may even be under estimating to make the rest of the world feel better about themselves. Congratulations to Canada.”

The study summarizes:

“If you ask a man the size of their penis in general you should subtract 5.6 percent off the total length, mathematically speaking, of course! But if he claims to be 8 inches or more then you can cancel that call to trade descriptions or better business bureau.”

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