Interactive Fashion of the Day: Meet the Cat Sweater That is Also a Cat Toy

Interactive Fashion of the Day: Meet the Cat Sweater That is Also a Cat Toy

We wish we had thought of this first.


By Kristyn Pomranz

Last weekend, we celebrated a special li’l holiday called April Fools. You know the one: You play a bunch of (harmless?) tricks on your friends and they get upset but you have the handy exclamation of “APRIL FOOLS!” to absolve you of all of your pranks.

Well, in this age of internet, corporations have gotten in on the fun, pulling jokes on their loyal consumer base. While usually harmless, there are some faux-products that are so amazing, we actually become a little bit outraged to learn that they were just inventions of April Fools—such as the All-Stuf Oreo (just the creme!), or this Interactive Cat Sweater from MeowMix.

Noted cat-lover Hannah Simone (of New Girl fame) shared the following pic on her Instagram, saying “Want to know the simplest way to get your cats to love you? Come attached with a ball of yarn.” Indeed, the cat-themed knit sweater comes with its ball of yarn still attached, so the wearer becomes a walking, talking perma-cat toy.

Suffice it to say, we lost our minds and immediately went on the hunt for the sweater. Turns out, it is from (ahem) MeowMix Knits. “The first knitted sweater for humans and their cats. Made to be warn by you, played with by her, and enjoyed together. It’s the only sweater cats ask for by name.” Also: It was posted on April 1st.

Here’s the thing, MeowMix: This isn’t fake. This isn’t, like, a Photoshop of a sweater that you pasted on models’ bodies. This is an actual sweater that someone at your corporation made, and as such, it is real, and as such, it can be produced, and as such, we demand that you release them for purchase. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

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