Mia the Beagle Was Basically the Erika Jayne of the Westminster Dog Show

Mia the Beagle Was Basically the Erika Jayne of the Westminster Dog Show

And not just because she wasn't wearing underwear.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Thought you were done with Westminster Dog Show coverage? Think again. (C’mon, it’s the Super Bowl of the animal world!) (Actually, wait, that’s the Puppy Bowl, isn’t it?)

Lots of animals received major coverage at this year’s show, from the cats that crashed the previously dogs-only event to Rumor Has It, the German Shepherd that took home the top prize. But no dog captured America’s heart as much as Mia the Beagle.

Listen, Mia didn’t win anything. She wasn’t the Best Beagle or the Best Hound and she most certainly wasn’t the Best in Show. But she was for sure Best at Not Giving a F***. Please watch the following video from Mia’s (attempted) agility course run:

Mia is amazing because she is essentially the Erika Jayne of the Westminster Dog Show. Sure, on the outside, she is gorgeous—perfectly preened and totally flawless. But on the inside, she does not give a flying f*** what you think of her.

Mia’s not here to jump through your hoops or yield to your commands, she is here to show off and delight the damn audience. The rest of these Westminster bitches may be here to perform for the judges, but Mia is the only one here to perform for the people, bringing sass and ass and breaking all the rules.

As she strays from the course (literally and figuratively), the announcers admonish “Don’t be a beagle! Don’t be a beagle!” Do you know what Mia has to say to that?

Mia is such a badass, we bet she flipped her hair at the other dogs and went to hang out with the cats.

Regardless, she put on a hell of a show and gave the people what they wanted: ENTERTAINMENT.

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