11 Shepherd-Mix Puppies Rescued from Backyard Hole in Facebook Live Video

11 Shepherd-Mix Puppies Rescued from Backyard Hole in Facebook Live Video

Oh look, it's Cry O'Clock.

By Kristyn Pomranz

It was high doggy drama in Detroit this weekend when a man heard puppies crying nearby but couldn’t find them in the rain. Thankfully, he called the Michigan Humane Society who promptly appeared on the scene—and found 11 (!) puppies struggling in an underground pit.

Rescuers from the Michigan Humane Society spent many muddy hours on hands and knees during the downpour in order to rescue the tiny shepherd mixes. The men had to work very quickly—the rain was so heavy, it had the potential to flood the pit and drown the puppies. Fortunately, after the workers carved out a more sizeable hole, all 11 babies (and their mama) were pulled to safety.

In an unusual move, the rescue mission was broadcast on Facebook Live. The CEO of the Michigan Humane Society, Matthew Pepper, said that streaming the ordeal was “a unique opportunity to show people what their support makes possible, and what we do every day.”

After the rescue, the puppies were transported back to the Michigan Humane Society for veterinary care, including food, baths, vaccinations—and lots of warm snuggles! They will be available for adoption once they reach age of maturation.

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