Model Charlotte McKinney Keeps Her Inner Circle Small Because, You Know, Mean Girls

Model Charlotte McKinney Keeps Her Inner Circle Small Because, You Know, Mean Girls

Height helps your chances, too…


By Hilary Sheinbaum

Blonde and curvy bombshell Charlotte McKinney is two things: drop dead gorgeous and a total sweetheart. Actually – truth be told, she’s more than good looks and a huge, um, heart… but we’ll start there.

The 23-year-old might be best known for her Guess campaigns and Carl’s Jr. commercials – or, perhaps you follow her on Instagram – but to her friends, she’s just one of the girls.


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“Close friends are so important and that’s exactly why I keep my close circle really small,” says the Orlando native. “The most important people in my life are my sister, a few close friends and my family.”

Although she’s gorgeous and has a tight knit group of people encouraging her, she's had to overcome the opposite as well – particularly with women. These days, she has a strategy for dealing with those kinds of individuals.

“I have dealt with jealousy and still do,” Charlotte says. “It’s so unfortunate that people don’t support one another. No matter what age, there will be mean girls. As the saying goes, ‘kill them with kindness.'"

And she practices what she preaches. Besides combating haters, the model shows love to her inner circle and, of course, the lucky guys she’s dated.

“The sweetest thing I have done was take an overnight flight to travel across the country to see my man, at the time,” she says, adding that the kindest thing a guy has done for her – in all seriousness – is call her back.

Did you hear that guys? You have a chance. Bring roses, buy her dinner, but – first – start by returning a phone call. As far as preferences go, Charlotte knows what she’s looking for.

“A funny guy with a good personality, preferably tall and if he has a job: huge bonus,” she says. Her celeb crush is a mash up of Chris Farley’s humor with Charlie Hunnam’s everything else.

While her present-day likings have undoubtedly evolved over time, she remembers the first boy whom she ever showed interest.

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”[My] first childhood crush was Kyle King in the fourth grade. I was about eight years old, and he was the cutest boy in class,” McKinney remembers. “The last time I saw him was 15 years ago. I have no idea where he might be now. Kyle, are you out there?”

Kyle might have set the bar quite high, but her first kiss was someone else – two years later – who didn’t leave the best taste in her mouth, pun intended.

“My first real kiss was in sixth grade at a football game,” shares Charlotte. “I was just standing there, and he stuck his tongue down my throat and then he never talked to me again. It was great.”'

Although she’s dealt with bullying and awkward adolescent smooches, over the years, Charlotte has figured out a way to channel her confidence – though admittedly, it’s a work in progress.

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"Confidence is tough to keep up all the time. I do try and maintain my confidence by surrounding myself with positive energy and equally positive people,” she says. “I still have a lot to work on, but my most confident self is post a good workout. Hot yoga or boxing are my favorite workouts. After, I have a smoothie, and put on a killer outfit, and feel really great.”

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