Model Molly Sims Talks Rough Pregnancies, Recommends IVF for Struggling Moms-To-Be

Model Molly Sims Talks Rough Pregnancies, Recommends IVF for Struggling Moms-To-Be

The actress gained 84 pounds carrying baby number one. 

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Walking a mile in Molly Sims’ shoes extends beyond modeling on fashion show runways and acting on Las Vegas. The Kentucky native is a mom of three – her most important role to date.

Sims partnered with LiveHealth Online for their Women Connect to Health Summit on Sept. 19 in New York City, which sheds light on the complexities of postpartum care as well as technology’s impact on family health today.


“As a mother of three young children, I had tons of questions, both during my pregnancies and after I gave birth,” says Sims. “There are also so many things that you don’t know about the postpartum period until you’re actually in it. This is true for both first time moms and those having their second or third child, because your physical and emotional state after birthing another human can vary from one pregnancy to the next.”

For the slim blonde stunner, an undiagnosed thyroid condition caused an 84 pound weight gain during her first pregnancy. “It took me over a year to lose the weight,” says Sims about carrying son Brooks. “With my daughter, Scarlett, I didn’t gain quite as much, but that’s because I was on medication.“

Besides putting on pounds, carrying her daughter and second son resulted in another discomfort. “I was sick when I was pregnant with Scarlett, but it was nothing like my third pregnancy, where I was sick all the time,” says Sims. “I would wake up in the morning feeling nauseous. I felt like I wanted to vomit no matter what I was doing. I’ve definitely had my share of getting sick in public places too, which was really fun.” 

Beyond every pregnancy being a different experience, the 44-year-old’s kids have completely dissimilar personalities. “Brooks is extremely kind and sweet. He’s also a big rule follower. He’s the first one to tell us if we broke any rule whatsoever. We love that about him, especially his sensitive side,” says Sims of her first born, who is 5. 


Her two-year-old daughter, on the other hand, takes after mom. “Now that Scarlett is starting to come into her own, she’s our sassy one. I mean, she needs to be pretty strong willed to have two brothers. Am I right?”

Lastly, her son Grey, born in January, who Sims refers to as “out angel from heaven," loves to giggle and smile - even at 1 a.m. 

Although Sims got pregnant naturally, the first time, on her honeymoon, she considered IVF as a backup plan before conceiving with her husband. “My maternal clock was ticking even before I met Scott. I was a little older to begin with, so I knew I wanted to freeze my eggs – with or without a partner,” she says.  

With her second and third children, Sims turned to IVF.  “With Scarlett, we went through two rounds of IVF before I found out I was pregnant.  IVF helped me get pregnant with my third baby as well,” says Sims, who endorses it for other prospective moms. “I would definitely recommend IVF to anyone who has the means to do it. I have IVF to thank for two of my beautiful kids, and they are my world.”

But, she does giving warning, “I would offer some advice to women who are thinking of IVF: know what you are getting into. There will be good days, and there will be bad days. It will be physically and emotionally exhausting, but if all works out in the end, it will be well worth it,” says Sims. “Plus, I would personally never want to wonder about what could have been if I hadn’t tried.”

Other suggestions Sims tells moms to practice include keeping anxieties low. “Try not to stress so much. I know it’s easier said than done, but the more relaxed you are, the higher likelihood you will have in conceiving.”

After all is said and done (pregnancy-wise), each day, after giving birth, brings new challenges for her family, but also a ton of happiness.

“Juggling three young kids is a game changer. My husband and I always joke that since having Grey, we had to change our mentality,” says Sims. “It can be tricky, but after a while you get the hang of it. You learn to prioritize and realize that not everything needs to be done at the same time. There are things that can wait – you can do the dishes later!”

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