I'll Take Her To Go! Moms Are Bringing Newborns Home From the Hospital In Boxes

I'll Take Her To Go! Moms Are Bringing Newborns Home From the Hospital In Boxes

What started in Finland to prevent SIDS is becoming popular in the U.S. 

By Marianne Garvey

Think of the holidays—kids usually prefer the box over the present inside. They play inside for hours and hours and hours while the toy that came inside goes ignored for the thrill of the cardboard walls.

But now, they’re being put to good use, besides, you know, storing and transporting stuff. A practice that started in Finland years ago designed to help babies sleep safely, has made its way to the U.S. in the form of “Baby Boxes.”

"The Baby Box program has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates. The initiative, which enables every expecting woman in the country to claim a free Baby Box once she receives prenatal care and parenting information from a healthcare professional, is credited with helping to decrease Finland’s infant mortality rate from 65 deaths for each 1,000 children born in 1938 to 3 deaths per 1,000 births in 2013."

Forget the crib, say parents of newborns, who are taking the baby boxes home from hospitals with their newborns, kind of like they’re transporting a box of oranges.

And they cost nothing. A Los Angeles-based baby company has gotten the OK from health officials to give the boxes away for free, while an online instructional site, Baby Box University, gives advice aimed at reducing sudden unexpected infant deaths. New Jersey and Ohio are the first states to participate in the take home box program.

While cribs are often stuffed with bumpers, stuffing, a mattress, blankets, toys and stuffed animals, sometimes one of those can be linked to SIDS due to an overcrowded crib, so many new moms have turned to boxes for safe sleep habits.

The boxes double as bassinets and comes filled with a mattress, fitted sheet, a onesie and diapers.

Called The Baby Box Co. the company is hoping to expand soon to all 50 states. The company has also started giving away the boxes in Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, where doctors have determined the boxes provide a clutter-free sleep space that has been shown to reduce accidental and unexpected deaths.

The boxes are available on Baby Box University, where moms and dads have to watch a video on sleep safety and pass a quiz. You then get a certificate to print out and take to a participating hospital for their boxes. They are also available by mail.

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