Momtrepreneur Makes Feeding Kids A Breeze With New Invention

Momtrepreneur Makes Feeding Kids A Breeze With New Invention

Stressed parents can now take one more thing off their plate.

By Marni Eth

In the age of convenience and healthy meal kit deliveries, it’s a no-brainer that one geared towards kids would be a smash hit for any busy parent. What could possibly be more ideal than having delicious home-cooked meals, that children actually want to eat, without having to take the time to make it? That’s where Joanna Parker, mom of three and Founder of Yumble, stepped up to the plate.

After years of dealing with the daily challenges of feeding three picky eaters, she eventually perfected a combo of nutritious, yet enticing recipes. Once she had it down pat, she decided to make life easier for everyone else! We caught up with Joanna to learn how Joy Bauer inspired her and what it’s like to work with her husband, who is the CEO.

Personal Space: How did you come up with the idea for Yumble?

Joanna Parker: My friends and I used to always complain about how time consuming and frustrating it was to make our kids’ dinner. It’s so hard to put real food on the table -- that they’ll actually eat -- every single day. So one day, I decided to see if others had this problem. I posted on a Facebook ‘mommy group’ asking if anyone wanted me to cook their kids dinner for the week. I was bombarded with “YES!!!!” and “You’re my hero!” from complete strangers. They hadn’t seen a menu, they had no idea who I was, but they were desperate for help. So I began cooking out of my kitchen and doing the deliveries myself. As word spread, our orders grew and my house turned into a giant kitchen. I recruited my husband, David, and his parents to help me deliver hundreds of meals to customers. We had a family delivery team until the orders became too overwhelming and we needed to hire a real one.


PS: Is it hard working on a new business with your husband?

JP: I get asked this all the time! It’s actually great working with David. Since Yumble is so time consuming, and with a startup you have to be pretty obsessive, it’s great that we can share it. Also, the kids know we are both dedicated to it, so they feel a part of the ride as well. It’s like a family business. We also brought on board a third co-founder, Dan Treiman, who was previously a co-founder and the COO of meal kit giant HelloFresh. He built out their entire US business, so our team is pretty well rounded!

PS: Which celeb moms inspire you?

JP: For sure Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx). I am most inspired by women who had ideas and made them happen. I had the pleasure of meeting her once and she is so down to earth. Also Joy Bauer, the health and nutrition expert on The Today Show, and founder of Nourish Snacks. Joy has been an inspiration and a role model for me since I was a little girl. I know that I wouldn’t be doing this today, if it were not for her. She is an old friend and has played a major role in inspiring me. Not only to cook and serve healthy food to others, but to follow that lifestyle for myself as well.

PS: How do you balance motherhood and being an entrepreneur?

JP: Oh gosh, it’s quite the juggling act. Now that I’m working on Yumble, I need Yumble meals more than ever in my life! I do to try to make sure that when I am at home with my kids I am not working, or even looking at my phone. They always get my undivided attention in the mornings and I drive them to school every day. That way, if I can’t be home in the evenings, I know I spent quality time with them earlier. I like to joke that Yumble is my fourth and most demanding child :).

Starting mid-September Yumble will be in the 27 states east of the Mississippi, and shortly after they will roll out deliveries to Texas. Check out their menus here!

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