Monk, a Real Life Vampire Kitty, Doesn't Fight His Nature for Halloween

Monk, a Real Life Vampire Kitty, Doesn't Fight His Nature for Halloween

Vets don't know what caused his extraordinary fangs, but he's celebrating them.

By Tamara Palmer

No one has been able to figure out why Monk, a seven-year-old rescued black cat from Long Island, NY, has fangs that make him look like a kitty vampire, but his deformity makes him a hero at Halloween.

And he's certainly been working it on social media, where he shares an Instagram account with his stepbrother Bean (also a rescue).

He has found that it's easier to just give into the expectations.

Tiring though those expectations may be,ย because being a vampire cat is "not all glitz and glam."

"Although Monk has seen a vet numerous times I have not been informed that his teeth are a 'condition,'" owner Nicole Rienzie told Daily Mail. "He has had some dental issues and has had several teeth pulled but his fangs remain intact and healthy, to date."

Monk didn't look so healthy when he was rescued in 2011.

"He was very, very thin, malnourished, covered in bugs and his eyes were so infected he couldn't even see out of them," Rienzie told The Dodo in 2016. "We swooped him up and took him home, cleaned him up, fed him and that's pretty much where it all began."

Nowadays, even when he's not in a vampire costumeย per se and he's just chilling with Bean, he's still vampin'.

Happy Halloween from Monk and Bean!
Credit: monkandbean/Instagram

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