The Colder It Gets Outside, the More Your Coworkers Are Hooking Up

The Colder It Gets Outside, the More Your Coworkers Are Hooking Up

Most people don't look far for a winter snuggle. 

By Marianne Garvey

It’s getting cold out there, and we all need someone to snuggle up with — sometimes we get so desperate, we pick someone in our own office.

Oh no.

A recent study by Reboot Digital has revealed that you are more than twice as likely to embark on an office fling during the winter months. Asking 2,017 professionals about love at work, most said it was most likely to happen during the freezing cold months. More than half (66 percent) of office workers confessed that their work romance began during the winter.

From those relationships, 31 percent of first kisses between colleagues took place at the office Christmas party because they were able to see their coworker in a festive outfit (translation: drunk). See you Monday!

Even worse, 20 percent of office flings involved a married partner.

But not all workplace hookups end in fireside snuggles—obviously. Six percent of those asked admitted they had lost their job due to the hookup. Nine percent had been driven to leave their job due to problems with coworkers following a hookup.

When asked if they’d ever dated a co-worker at some point in their lives, 45 percent admitted to it, while more than a quarter of bosses say they would prefer their staff not to date each other.

“Due to company policy on office romance, or just a general want to adhere to workplace etiquette, 38 percent of employees have kept their dating on the down-low,” reports the study.

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