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Beware! These Are the 5 Most Dangerous Gadgets in Your Kitchen (One Just Caused a Death)

Consider yourself warned.

By Maggie Shi

Everyone knows the kitchen isn't exactly a safe space. Boiling liquids, hot pans, and sharp knives are everywhere you turn. There's the food processor and the blender, with their ultra-sharp whirring blades (make sure you unplug the appliance before reaching in with bare hands). The meat grinder can pulverize chunks of meat into a fine pulp; just imagine what it can do to a stray finger (always use the included gadget to push the meat into the machine, not your hand).

Here are five kitchen tools that may look innocent, but could do some serious damage if defective or used incorrectly. Read on, and pay close attention next time you're using one of these gadgets.

1. Whipped Cream Dispenser

Bizarrely, this kitchen tool has been responsible for multiple injuries, including broken teeth, fractures, and even one death: popular French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger just passed away after one of these dispensers exploded, hitting her in the chest and causing a heart attack. The problem lies with defective siphons that aren't designed to withstand the gas pressure, causing them to explode. Dispensers made after 2015 appear to be safe, so if you have an older model at home, it might be time to upgrade.

2. Mandoline

This gadget—used for creating thin, uniform slices of potatoes, carrots, and other veggies—may look innocent, but it has a wicked-sharp blade that can just as easily slice through your hand, especially when you're getting down to the end of your turnip. Use the food guard to protect yourself, slice slowly, and make sure to keep all your fingers tucked in to avoid any mishaps.

3. Oyster Knife

Unlike a chef's knife or paring knife, this knife—used for opening oysters—doesn't have a sharp blade, and the pointed end isn't extremely sharp, either. So what's the problem, you think? When you're shucking an oyster, you're holding the bivalve in one hand and prying the shell open with the knife in the other. Knife slips are common (especially for novices), making it easy to stab yourself with some force. Wear an oyster shucking glove specifically designed to protect yourself, and make sure to learn the proper way to open an oyster—it shouldn't take a lot of strength.

4. Immersion Blender

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Sure, you know not to stick your hand into the pot while you've got the immersion blender going full force. But what about when it's sitting innocuously on the counter in between uses? Make sure to unplug the appliance when you're not using it to prevent accidents, and be careful when you're washing it, too—those blades are sharp.

5. Cheese Grater

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This gadget is in just about every household, but don't be fooled—those teeth are sharp! It's easy to accidentally scrape your hand raw or take off a fingernail when you're down to the last nub of cheddar. Make sure your piece of cheese is large enough to keep your fingers a safe distance away, and as always, go slowly and pay attention; the last thing you want is shredded skin garnishing your pasta.

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