If You Want to Arrive on Time, This Is the Airline You Should Fly

If You Want to Arrive on Time, This Is the Airline You Should Fly

Because a delay can ruin everything.

By Alesandra Dubin

It can feel downright impossible to fly anywhere and expect to arrive in a timely way these days. First of all, flights are overall longer than they used to be — in a surprising, illogical-seeming twist. And airlines often pad schedules to boost their on-time ratings, which you might call a dubious little practice. And then of course, there's just the misery of airport chaos, especially at busy travel times.

So if you want — or need — to arrive to your destination on time, it helps to be prepared with a bit of foreknowledge. For instance, it helps to know which airlines have the overall best track records for being on time. And, thanks to annual rankings recently released by FlightStats.com, we're here to tell you.

In the category of North American Major Airlines, comprised of the 12 major carriers across the continent operating 9.1 million flights last year, the winner was (drumroll) Alaska Airlines. The carrier had an 87 percent on-time rating.

Delta, WestJet, Southwest, and United followed in order to round out the top five in the category.

So for your next flight booking — especially if you are on a tight turnaround, or just want to get the hell out of Dodge to start your vacation pronto — consider one of the airlines most likely to help you get there in a hurry.

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