You'll Never Guess Which Pie Is the World's Most Pinned on Pinterest

You'll Never Guess Which Pie Is the World's Most Pinned on Pinterest

We didn't guess it right, and we'll bet no one else will either. But we want one of these pies immediately!

By Marcy de Luna

Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant pi (3.14) is on—when else?—March 14. Of course, it's also a day when people like to allow themselves many more pie slices than usual. Since preparations are already underway, Pinterest just released a list of the most-pinned pies in the world. And the winner, not apple, not pumpkin, not key lime or lemon meringue or chocolate mousse. It's—wait for it—maple bacon breakfast pie.

That's right: The winner isn't even a dessert, but we're ok with that. If you've never had one of these pies for breakfast, there's no time like the present. Meanwhile, here are the top 10 other most-pinned pies around the world, according to Pinterest. Because no matter which way you slice it, pie is always a good idea.


Forget the apple strudel: German pie-lovers are digging into this juicy, showstopping strawberry pie.


Brazilians are sweet on tortinha de morango no copinho, a sinfully delicious, layered strawberry shortcake in a cup.

South Korea

South Koreans are slicing into savory tomato pie, a trendy take on pizza featuring fresh tomatoes, basil and lots of cheese.


It’s little wonder Japanese Pinners are head-over-heels for rose pie. The elegant puff pastry, featuring cream cheese and thinly sliced apples hand-rolled to look like rose petals, is as eye-catching as it is stomach-pleasing.


In Mexico, baked good aficionados are puckering up for pie de limón, also known as lime-flavored pie.


Made with only five ingredients, this fabulous-looking French silk pie from Australia involves no actual baking. Plus it's vegan.


Spain’s best-loved Pinterest pie is an apple chimichanga, a deep-fried burrito filled with sweet apples and wrapped in fried tortillas.


It’s all-veg and no meat for English pie Pinners, as their choice of the moment is a colorful vegetarian Shepherd's pie made with leek, squash and broccoli.


The French are crazy for this savory mix of zucchini, goat cheese and honey, baked until golden brown.


Massachusetts's official state dessert, Boston cream pie, is the hands-down favorite for American Pinners. Custard or cream filling meets a blanket of melted chocolate for a decadent dessert that deserves to be served at every single holiday.

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