The World’s Most Popular Vacation Rental Will Surprise You (It's Not Luxurious — But Good Luck Getting In!)

The World’s Most Popular Vacation Rental Will Surprise You (It's Not Luxurious — But Good Luck Getting In!)

It's not your typical getaway.

You might think the most in-demand Airbnb listing would be a stunning property in one of the country's biggest cities — say, a New York City penthouse or a luxe party pad in Malibu overlooking the ocean... but you'd be wrong.

According to USA Today, the most wished-for Airbnb in the world is a treehouse in Atlanta with more than 300,000 site visitors ogling the property each month, and 147,052 people saving it to their Airbnb wish lists. (We'll wait while you click over and add it to your wish list, too.)

This is not just your average treehouse, either: At a substantial $375, it's got a bit of glam inside — or at least a glamping-inspired vibe. The treehouse has a rope bridge, wrap-around walkway, and twinkling string lights. The decor is minimalist and natural but it's the views from the bed that send this place over the edge.

The bed rolls out onto a platform, open to the elements.

The owner, Peter Bahouth, built it 18 years ago and had no idea it would become a coveted place to stay, with people coming from all over to get a piece of it — and, of course, share the splendor on Instagram.

The price tag actually comes with three rooms in three connected tree houses, with the trio meant to represent the mind, body, and spirit.

Your host will bring you coffee in the morning; other than that you're on your own, so you'll have full privacy in the woods.

It's fine to share it on social media — pics or it didn't happen, right? — but property rules forbid shoots or events without prior approval, which is rarely given.

The property currently has 249 perfect reviews. If you want to add yours to the ranks, get in line: It's currently booked through summer 2018. 

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