Q: Does Your Dog Have One of the Top 20 Dog Names in New York City?

Q: Does Your Dog Have One of the Top 20 Dog Names in New York City?

…or, even better, one of the rarest 20 names?

By Kristyn Pomranz

Some might say that New York City has a lot going for it: It’s the American forefront of art and fashion. It’s the home of the mouthiest Housewives. It’s the purveyor of pizza rats and bagel pigeons.

So we’re a little bit surprised by just how blah NYC’s top dog names are. Bella? Max? Lola? What else is new? These are also the most popular dog names in the country! In fact, it begs the question: Is NYC following nationwide dog-naming trends? Or are these names the most popular because of NYC? We may never know, but here are the city’s top pupper nomers:

Much more interesting is the NYC database of dog names, which has created a bubble map of every single (licensed) dog in New York City. As a fun exercise, we hovered over some of the tiniest bubbles to find some of the least-used, most adorable names:

  1. Arugula
  2. Flipsy
  3. Trout
  4. Zap
  5. Phaedra
  6. Warlock
  7. Pincus
  8. Hey
  9. Winkler
  10. Professor
  11. Onion
  12. Countess
  13. Fudd
  14. Malbec
  15. Hotdog
  16. Ohio
  17. Salamander
  18. Gumby
  19. Humboldt
  20. Pokemon

As a side note, we really appreciate how the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York is using both the video and bubble map as gentle PSAs about licensing your dogs! (If you are in New York City and you need to license your dog, please visit NYC.gov/doglicense.)

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