Move Outta the Way, Koalas! Dingoes Are the Cutest Animal Down Under AND They’re Adoptable!

Move Outta the Way, Koalas! Dingoes Are the Cutest Animal Down Under AND They’re Adoptable!

BRB moving to Australia forever, byyyyyyeeeeeeee.

By Stacy Lenz

Hey! Sorry if this post is a little rushed, it’s just that we are packing up all our earthly goods and moving to Australia. Why? We just found out that you are able to adopt pet dingoes there! (Well, that and our absolute obsession with Jackie Gillies from The Real Housewives of Melbourne — Shine, shine, shine!)

Sydney Dingo Rescue has started a campaign advocating for dingoes to be adopted as pets. The rescue org, which is a sub-project of the Sydney Fox Rescue, cares for orphaned and mistreated dingoes. In Australia, dingoes are unfortunately victims of trapping and hunting, but luckily they have people like Charlie Jackson-Martin as advocates. He is the manager of the Sydney Dingo Rescue and spoke to the Daily Mail about his goals for the shelter. He said, “The biggest thing we are looking for in dingo owners is people who have done their research and are committed to keeping them for life.' A proud dingo owner himself, Charlie stresses the difference between dingoes and regular dogs, stating that, “Dingoes are very quiet, aloof and stoic animals compared to domestic dogs.”

Before you start coming up with adorable names for your future pet dingo, (our hearts are set on calling a little sandy colored one Bloomin’ Onion), there are some things you need to know first. To legally adopt a dingo, first you need to live in Australia (hence, our packed bags), and not just anywhere in Australia either.

Dingo ownership is illegal in Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania, and in the Northern Territory and Victoria a permit is required. But if you live in one of those designated places, you’re not free to slap a “Proud Owner of A Dingo” bumper sticker on your car just yet. Dingo ownership also requires a yard with at least a 2.4 meter fence (which is 8 feet!), no small pets like cats, birds or hamsters but they are a pack animal so they either need another dingo or a large dog as a companion animal. Dingoes also differ from dogs in that they cannot digest starch or grains (like in most dog foods) and must eat an all raw diet.

A lot is involved in dingo adoption, but it’s worth it. Don’t believe me? Just look at these lil furry faces and try not to book a one way-flight to Australia!

Puppy love! ❤️ #sydneydingorescue #rescuedingo #dingopuppy #sydneyfoxrescue #adoptdontshop

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