New York's Governor Says All Movie Theaters Should Be Serving Alcohol

New York's Governor Says All Movie Theaters Should Be Serving Alcohol

What took so long?!

By Drew DiSabatino

Planning to catch a movie this weekend? Or would you rather just Netflix and chill, because you know: alcohol.

It’s no surprise that ticket sales are down at cinemas across the nation because, let’s just be honest, it’s 2017 and you’ve got other options. If you can wait a few weeks after a new movie comes out, you can just watch it online. You could make friends with someone in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and take a look at their screeners (they’re more common than you think). You could cut out the middleman and choose a more illegal route. Whatever the case, you’re no longer restricted to paying $17 for an IMAX/3D/James Cameron eyeball-extravaganza every time you want to see a film. And then paying $9 on top of that for a drink that's not even a cocktail.

But New York Governor/Booze Champion Andrew Cuomo is proposing a new idea that just might (l.e. definitely will) entice fans of cinema to head to the theater: alcohol.

GrubStreet reports that in a recently announced budget plan for 2017, the New York State governor is asking the State Liquor Authority to give theaters across the Empire State the ability to serve wine and beer to customers. The request also suggests adding incentives for New York’s many breweries and wineries in order to encourage them to provide the booze for said movie theaters. The beer/wine would only be available to those attending PG-13 and up films (so you don’t have to worry about a wasted NYU student spoiling Finding Dory for your kids) and moviegoers would only be allowed to purchase one beverage at a time.

Currently New York has only a few limited options for boozy filmgoers, including options like the recently opened Alamo Draft House, a Texas-based chain that can get away with its boozy offerings under current NYC legislation thanks to the addition of a kitchen. The Alamo Draft House operates in markets all across the country—from California to Colorado, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Missouri and beyondso New York is hardly the first state to offer drinks to moviegoers. But a wide-sweeping authorization from the governor for all theaters would certainly be a big change. This latest suggestion, combined with Cuomo’s recent relaxation on brunch rules, represents some great news for residents who like to enjoy a drink or three on the weekend.

Cuomo hopes to have the budget approved by April, meaning laws could be in effect in time for some summer blockbusters. Until then, you’ll just have to make do with your trusty old flask.

Or, you know, go for a drink after your movie. (But that’s so 2016.)

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