You'll Want to Eat Grilled Crabs Every Day After Watching This Incredible Mud Crab Video

You'll Want to Eat Grilled Crabs Every Day After Watching This Incredible Mud Crab Video

If you can devour these crabs before they devour you, this just might be the seafood meal of your life.

By Drew DiSabatino

You’re familiar with the giant mud crab—that enormous crustacean that lives in the estuaries of southern Asia and Australia and looks like a crab cross-bred with a nightmare?

Of course you are—you probably eat it all the time! But even if you don’t know the mud crab (ok, we didn’t exactly know it ourselves), you will after watching this video below. And it might be the only thing you ever want to eat again.

Meet Nick and Caleb, AKA the TarraDarraBros. These two brave dudes live in Australia, where, according to their YouTube bio, they “enjoy camping, wildlife, hunting, cooking and eating stuff from the Aussie bush and ocean.” And they aren’t exaggerating

In this video they go exploring through the murky estuaries of backwoods Australia (sounds safe) hunting for mud crabs to cook up and eat. (Special importance should be paid to the high-tech forest gear and tools they use for foot and hand protection: literally nothing.)

 After a successful and entertaining hunt in which they grapple with some very large claws in some very cloudy water, they whip up a delicious-looking garlic-lemon-butter sauce (at 7:00 in the video) for their freshly fire-roasted bounty. Special props to the TarraDarraBros for taking the time to ensure the giant hell-beast crabs they wrestled into buckets were male and therefore legal to eat. 

Now your immediate reaction to all this might be, “I’ve heard of Australian wildlife, and if I remember correctly it’s full of some of the most murder-y animals of all time”—and you’d be right! But the reward for braving those elements and stingers is some of the meatiest, juiciest crab of all time. Watch as the boys drag fistfuls of the crab meat through the sauce...Looks well worth the extreme danger, as far as we're concerned: 

Bon appétit, guys. 

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