We Asked 10 People to Guess WTF Flavor Is Inside Mystery OREOs, And This Is What We Got

We Asked 10 People to Guess WTF Flavor Is Inside Mystery OREOs, And This Is What We Got

One of these guesses has to be right. Right?

By Kristyn Pomranz

OREOs are a lot like Taylor Swift: always reinventing themselves, extremely popular, and in a years-long rivalry with Kanye West*. (*Probably?) And, just like Taylor Swift (with due respect), OREOs’ latest release is… somewhat questionable.

Mystery OREOs are the newest invention from the iconic snack brand. The outside of the cookie is the classic OREO chocolate flavor, but the cream is — as advertised — a mystery! Per the package: “There’s a delicious cookie creation on the loose, and we need your help guessing the flavor! Try our Mystery OREO Cookies, submit your guess, and enter for your chance to be our $50,000 Grand Prize winner or one of our five $10,000 First Prize winners!”

Challenge accepted, OREOs.

We procured a box of Limited Edition Mystery OREOs from a SuperTarget and nearly ripped them open in the car, so eager we were to assume our new role as Sherlock OREOlmes. Upon opening, there was a strong smell emanating from the package — something exactly like Fruity Pebbles.

Mystery solved? NOPE. We put on our wide-brimmed hat and turned our magnifying glass towards Wikipedia. OREOs are produced by Mondelez and Fruity Pebbles are produced by Post Consumer Brands. And Froot Loops, which are similar in smell, are produced by Kellogg’s. So unless this is some kind of bizarro cross-company product integration, the mystery flavor is neither Fruity Pebbles nor Froot Loops.

But we were getting ahead of ourselves — we hadn’t even taken a bite yet! With care to get only the cream and none of the cookie, we found the flavor transformed from straight-up sugary fruit cereal into something more nuanced. After taking a few more pulls of the STUF, we came to a controversial conclusion: orange.

The flavor was definitely citrusy, but OREOs already has a lemon flavor. And with the timing around the holidays, we figured the cookie may be harkening to the Christmas classic that our aunt Beth always used to shove in our stocking: Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange Ball.

So that’s our official guess. But we asked 10 other people and here’s what they had to say:

Kristyn (limited-edition foods journalist): orange

Caleb (normal journalist): creamsicle

Ashlie (executive assistant/mom): key lime pie

Jeff (employed New Yorker): lemon salt water taffy

Matt (funemployed): Fruity Pebbles

Andy (programmer): Trix

Ingo (esthetician): bubble gum

Chelsea (Mondalez employee with no insider knowledge): Chiquita Banana lady’s hat

Kim (editorial director): cereal milk*

Cynthia (nanny): orange

Casey (teenager): lime

*Damn that’s a good guess and we wish we’d thought of it.

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