Nacho'rally! 7 Over-the-Top Nacho Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday and Beyond

Nacho'rally! 7 Over-the-Top Nacho Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday and Beyond

You'll want to devour these on game day and every day.

By Marcy de Luna

The Super Bowl is nothing if not an excellent excuse to eat mountains of nachos for hours on end. Speaking of which, we’ve got a serious hankering for a messy plate of those divinely crunchy, salty, topping-slathered chips right now. Here's where we're headed to score some over-the-top versions, and to find inspiration for the nachos we'll be serving up and chowing down on at home.

Tater Tot Nachos at Highball Lounge, Boston

The ingenious nachos at Highball Lounge have a deep-fried twist: Tater tots sub in for chips, and get covered with cheese sauce, crème fraîche​, black olives and pickled onions. Photo courtesy of letseatwithannie/Instagram.

Roasted Cauliflower Nachos at Petty Cash, Los Angeles

At Petty Cash, the kitchen does a veggie-centric spin on the Tex-Mex slingers, and the colorful presentation looks as stunning as the dish tastes. The plate is piled with cauliflower roasted until golden and topped with crema poblana, Monterey Jack cheese, kale, and pickled fresno chilies. Photo courtesy of pettycashla/Instagram.

Blue Crab and Caviar Nachos at Brennan’s of Houston, Houston

At the long-time favorite Brennan’s of Houston, the chefs have given the classic football snack an upscale spin with the $100 blue crab and caviar nachos. Sink your teeth into a crispy chip with fire-roasted corn, French triple crème cow's-milk cheese, alligator pear avocado and — wait for it — a full ounce of Petrossian caviar. Photo courtesy of Brennan’s Houston.

Expatriate Nachos at Expatriate, Portland, OR

Expatriate’s unique take on nachos starts with fried wonton chips. From there, kaffir lime, tomato salsa, cream, spicy lemongrass beef and flavorful Thai chili cheese sauce are added for an explosive bite you’ll be thinking about for days. Photo courtesy of Expatriate/Facebook.

New Orleans Chili Duck Nachos at Copper 29, Miami

Nachos topped with homemade chili are a big yes in our book, but Copper 29 ups the ante with chili-duck nachos. The tortilla chips are topped with duck-beef-and-bean chili, plus layers of cheddar cheese sauce, sour cream, black olives, pepperoncini and avocado. Photo courtesy of Copper 29.

Ice Cream Nachos at Chicken Charlie’s, San Diego

Nachos get the dessert treatment at Chicken Charlie’s, where fried cinnamon pita chips come with heapings of vanilla and caramel ice cream, and a duo of sauces: chocolate and caramel. You may call it dessert— we just call it a must. Photo courtesy of Chicken Charlie’s/Facebook.

Hawaiian Nachos at Bidwell Restaurant, D.C.

D.C.’s Bidwell knocks it out of the park with its delicious poke-inspired Hawaiian nachos. Tempura kale chips arrive topped with marinated yellowfin tuna, guacamole and spicy mayo. Photo courtesy of Bidwell/Facebook.

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