At This New Naked Pop-Up Restaurant, You Can Leave Your Clothes at the Door

At This New Naked Pop-Up Restaurant, You Can Leave Your Clothes at the Door

There's a huge waiting list to drop trou.

By Tamara Palmer

If eating dinner in a restaurant while naked sounds like an appealing (as opposed to gross) idea, you're not alone. At least not in London. As of this writing, there are 6,446 people on a waiting list to experience a clothing-optional dining experience at London's The Bunyadi, which will open this summer, according to TimeOut. There's also been no word about what type of food the pop-up will serve, other than "wood-flamed grilled meals"....

The concept is the brainchild of Lollipop, the owners of ABQ, which they describe as a Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail bar. And while a restaurant that lets you dine naked sounds like a pretty freewheeling place, some major rules will be enforced, including a no-cellphones policy. There will also be a section for clothed customers who prefer to maintain a little modesty.

If you manage to score a seat, you might want to take some etiquette tips from Bon Appétitwhich suggests that while vacationing at a nude resort on your "nakation," you should bring a towel to sit on and cover your lap with a napkin while dining.

Meanwhile, dining in the nude has been outlawed in some cities statewide, like San Francisco, because of public safety concerns. Time will tell how the idea will ultimately be received, but for now it seems people are into skipping that whole what-should-I-wear step when they go out to eat. 


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