The Hot New Accessory for (Literally) Cool Cats: The Japanese “Neco Muffler”

The Hot New Accessory for (Literally) Cool Cats: The Japanese “Neco Muffler”

Why is this nicer than any scarf we own?

By Kristyn Pomranz

Is it just us, or are Japanese animals always on the cutting edge? From Chihuahuas with cardboard cutout accessories to kittens who use electronic foot warmers as blankets to reindeer that deliver Domino’s Pizza in the snow, it seems that the U.S. is seriously behind in animal innovation.

Well, put one more tick in the Japan column, because they’ve just come to school us in feline fashion. Fresh out of the col Winter 2017 collection is the brand new Neko Muffler (also known as a fancy cat scarf).

Hand-woven navy-and-red yarn makes the muffler elastic enough to be comfortable for the cat, yet light enough to ensure your furry friend won’t overheat. Meanwhile, the stylin’ gold col label really adds to that whole “cats are considered royalty in some countries” luxe factor.

Concerned that your cat is prone to desperately pawing clothes of his body? NO WORRIES. The muffler features single-loop functionality for an easy on-off, and zero risk of danger. It even comes in two sizes, so it’s fit for kittens and elderly cats alike!

At $17.60 U.S., the col Neko Muffler is a steal if you’re into fancy cat scarves (or, y’know, a total rip off if you’re not).

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