Need A Babysitter ASAP? This Guy Created A Tinder-like App For Finding One

Need A Babysitter ASAP? This Guy Created A Tinder-like App For Finding One

Don't worry, they've all been vetted. 

By Marianne Garvey
Bravolebrity Babysitter?

When Sean Greene, Founder and CEO of Bambino Sitters, found himself needing just a few hours to himself after a particularly long week at work, instead of getting frustrated trying to find a babysitter, he created an app.

Bambino, an app that let’s parents find a babysitter last-minute, solved the problem. Here, Sean talks to Personal Space about his invention and how it has helped parents everywhere.

PS: How did you come up with the idea for a sort of Tinder for babysitters?

The idea really came out of necessity. I was driving home from work one night fretting over the fact that I couldn't find a sitter. It had been a long day and I wanted to go out, but after what seemed like hours of calling and texting sitters and friends, I'd struck out. Meanwhile, I was driving through my neighborhood and I knew that on every block there had to be a teenager or young adult that was willing and able to sit for me, I just didn't know how to get to them. That's when it struck me...there ought to be an app for that.

PS: How do you vet the babysitters?

I've always relied on my friends' sitters, neighbors, and my sitters' friends as the best means of finding a great sitter. As such, we've attempted to emulate that model by using social networking, location, and recommendations as a means for vetting the sitter. All users login with Facebook, so parents can see who their friends have used and recommended. As well, they can see how they're connected to sitters through other sitters, neighbors, or friends of friends.

PS: Where is it available?

Technically we're available nationwide, but we're most active in roughly 50 markets including the Tri-State area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Indianapolis, Orlando, Charlotte, and many more.

PS: How quickly can you find a good babysitter?

We've filled requests in as little as 15 seconds. It's a quick process for parents. They simply add the booking details, select the sitters they want to ask, and then we send the request out. Sitters can respond via text or in-app. The parents then confirm one of the sitters that have accepted. It's babysitting made easy!

PS: Is Bambino responsible if anything goes wrong?

As a marketplace, Bambino connects parents with potential sitters the same way a friend or neighbor would connect the two. We help facilitate the scheduling, communication, and payment to make it as easy as possible. That said, we don't employ the sitters and we always recommend that parents use the same precautions they might use when getting a sitter from friend.

PS: How has the app been doing?

The app has been thriving. We have thousands of loyal parents and happy sitters using the app on a nationwide basis. We learn a little more everyday, and we're constantly adding new features to make the lives of our users just a little bit better.

PS: Anything you want to say as the CEO?
As the founder and a father of three myself, it has been incredibly fulfilling to watch Bambino flourish and to hear the user stories. Instead of taking my word for it, here are a few testimonials:

"We used Bambino last night for a sitter. She lives just up the street and I never would have known her to be available otherwise. It was so easy to use the app, the sitter was recommended by other parents we know so I felt comfortable hiring her. She was terrific! I love this app!! Thanks so much for bringing it to Greenville!"

West LA Moms Blog: "If you haven't downloaded the Bambino app yet, I highly recommend it! I used it over the weekend for a last minute date night and it was super easy and our sitter was amazing. I also secured a daytime sitter for today so I could run some errands. Again, it was easy (had a sitter confirmed within five minutes) and she was not only great but a musician who ended up playing our guitar and singing with Augusta!"

"This app changed my life! You have no idea how much time you've saved me when finding a sitter. Just incredible! As a busy mom, I can't thank you enough!"

Our sitters feel the same way too!

"I love the app! I have met many amazing families and kids."

"Our world looks for ways to make complicated things as simple as possible and that's what Bambino does for parents and sitters. As a sitter the most helpful feature is how I get to choose my availability. Tons of requests come in and I get to say whether I'm free that day or not. I'm almost like my own boss getting to choose my hours!"

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