Neil Patrick Harris' Twin 6-Year-Old Kids Might Be the Youngest (and Most Adorable) Foodies Ever

Neil Patrick Harris' Twin 6-Year-Old Kids Might Be the Youngest (and Most Adorable) Foodies Ever

The Burtka-Harris twins probably know more about umami (and uni) than you do. 

By Sara Gauchat

He loves octopus, clams, and ginger. She can’t get enough of sardines, miso, and duck liver. Oh, and they’re both six years old. Gideon and Harper Burtka-Harris are quite possibly the world’s youngest hardcore foodies. (They’re obviously the cutest.) Basically, their happy meals are far more likely to come with wasabi than ketchup.

The twins’ famous dads, Doogie-turned-Barney-turned-Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris and actor/trained chef David Burtka, have been documenting the kids’ wildly adventurous palates on Instagram pretty much since they could twirl their own pasta. Don't believe us? Just take a look:

Cheerios really don’t have an especially interesting flavor story to tell…

This is what my daughter asked for for breakfast... a plate of anchovies. What a strange child...

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Most adults we know wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole—let alone their tongues.

Some kids play Duck, Duck, Goose—while others potentially braise duck or goose while participating in full-on “Chopped Jr.” competitions in their home kitchen. (Totally unrelated question: Are grown-ups allowed to crash random playdates?)

And sometimes your whole family has a sushi-making party (with mad bonus points for the perfectly-themed wardrobes).

Have you ever seen anyone under 20 (let alone under 7) THAT excited or intense about the prospect of tossing back some oh-so-slippery oysters?

Oyster lunch with the kids is so much fun!!! #valentine-treat

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In case it’s not super clear yet, these adorable tow-headed eaters really, really dig fish—and not even in stick form.

Do they need any plating consults at Per Se? Seems like Gideon’s absolutely ready to dole out some expertise.

My son likes to get creative with plating!

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Their taste buds may be 6 going on 60, yet Harper and Gideon are still human kids who get understandably pumped at the prospect of chicken nuggets. But actually insisting on spinach accompaniments? Now they may just be messing with our heads…

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