Most Exciting Invention Ever? A New Dinner Plate Absorbs Extra Calories from Your Food

Most Exciting Invention Ever? A New Dinner Plate Absorbs Extra Calories from Your Food

It's better living through tableware.

By Drew DiSabatino

We’ve all seen, or been, a pizza blotter. And while it may seem silly— watching a grown person delicately massage the top of a slice of pizza with a paper towel—it becomes seriously unfunny the second that person peels up the paper towel and reveal a quantity of grease that would make a mechanic blush.

Fortunately, one new creation is looking to save you from the death trap of excess grease and fat in your food. Meet the AbsorbPlate, a new grease-fighting invention from ad agency BBDO Bangkok.

Created as part of the Thai government’s attempt to fight a growing obesity epidemic (Thailand recently ranked second highest in Southeast Asia for the health issue), the perforated plate features 500 miniature holes that suck up excess grease and fat from your meal so you don’t have to.

According to BBDO, the AbsorbPlate can eliminate up to 7ml of oil (gross) and save you nearly 30 calories (awesome) per meal by acting as a drain for the fats and greases that many of your favorite meals are cooked in.

That extra 30 calories may not sound like a life-changer, but if you multiply it by 3 meals a day, you’re looking at 630 calories a week. Carry on for the 52 weeks and that’s a savings of 32,850 calories a year. Not too shabby.

This calculation of course assumes you’re eating greasy Thai food for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the year, in which case you’re almost certainly going to have health problems a simple plate won’t be able to correct.

Perhaps the AbsorbPlate is more practical on a countrywide scale? Maybe it’s just one (ingenious) stepping-stone to better health? Whatever the answer, credit BBDO both for promoting healthier lifestyles, and for giving us an excuse to order Thai much more often.

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