3 New Activities You Can Do If You’re Morbidly Obsessed With the Titanic

3 New Activities You Can Do If You’re Morbidly Obsessed With the Titanic

If you've got six figures to spare, you can dive directly into the world's most revered shipwreck.

By Bryce Gruber

Maybe you're a history buff and love the idea of learning every weird, winding, wonderful detail of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912 — or maybe you're just a major movie buff who can't get enough of the dramatic retelling and will "never let go."

Either way, there's good news for you: an array of new Titanic-themed activities and experiences to try, for the over-the-top adventuresome as well as the not-so-much.

1. Eat an exact replica of the Titanic's last supper.

Dine in (evocative, creepy) style at an 11-course dinner served beneath a replica of the Titanic's iconic chandelier, complete with Escoffier-inspired meal offerings and authentic Titanic history. It all goes down at the Omni Mount Washington Resort this April 8. You'll get to load up on the famous last supper served to guests before the unsinkable ship was sunk.

2. Dive down to the actual shipwreck (and drain your savings first).

For the ultimate Titanic experience, you can be one of the few people permitted to dive down to the actual shipwreck by taking one of Blue Marble Private's eight-day journeys to the middle of the cold, deep Atlantic waters. You'll start out in Newfoundland, Canada... and about $105,129 later you'll be immersed in the dark waters where the giant vessel is permanently resting. A submersible ship will be carrying passengers and crew directly out to the Titanic, and although the first voyage is already booked, rumor has it future trips are in the works. A titanium and carbon submersible vessel takes passengers two full miles below the ocean's surface to ogle the ruins.

3. Or just kick back with a Titanic virtual reality experience.

A company called Titanic VR is giving Titanic movie lovers an opportunity to re-live the actual sinking of the ship, and we hear it'll be way less expensive than than the $105,000 dive — a steal in comparison. Titanic VR puts you, the player, in the role of an onboard survivor just before sinking. The experience caps off with you exploring the wreckage by way of virtual reality submersible ship. The creators took their Titanic history pretty seriously, too, making sure they studied plans, blueprints, and documents from the actual shipbuilding process to make the VR experience as realistic as possible. The company is still raising Kickstarter funds to get the project off the ground, but is nearing the €50,000 goal.

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