New York City Matchmaking Service Starts Exclusive Branch For Wealthy, "Power Player" Gay Men

New York City Matchmaking Service Starts Exclusive Branch For Wealthy, "Power Player" Gay Men

It's not just for hookups. 

By Marianne Garvey

When Platinum Poire owner Rori Sassoon realized there was a much needed opening in her matchmaking company for the upscale gay male crowd, she called on clothing designer Franco Lacosta to bring in his friends to help launch the new division.

“It’s for power player gay couples,” Rori says, and the guys are all introduced by Franco and vetted by Rori and her partner Dr. Errol Gluck. With a kickoff party at Barney’s to announce the new venture, potential clients gathered to join the service, but not just for a hookup.

“Franco is bringing in the type of client that we want, who are looking for long term relationships, who would like to have a family,” Rori says. “People who meet him all love him and want what he has.”

Rori says there are obviously matchmakers for the gay crowd, but that her service is like “hand holding,” and each member is professionally researched and profiled.

“And it’s invitation only,” she adds.

So far the new service has attracted upscale creatives in fashion film, art, and finance. “It’s a service for people who don’t have the time or necessarily the skill set to find someone.”

But Rori says, it’s “not too exclusive where it’s snobby,” and that at the end of the day everyone is really looking for an emotional connection.

While Franco is the “face” of the gay division, he also has been a real partner, doing a big job, bringing in friends of friends at a discounted rate while the service picks up.

“People from Franco’s network and his world are successful and will bring success,” Rori says.

She says the service was much needed after hearing men talk about the scene at gay bars, and calling the hookup apps “disgusting.”

“Finally there’s a place that you can feel safe. You’re working with us one on one and every date is curated,” she says. “I want them to feel like they are part of a family.”

Next, Rori hopes to start dating services for upscale transgender and lesbian people. “Sky’s the limit,” she says. “At the end of the day love is genderless.”

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