Can’t Unsee: These Newborn Hedgehogs Look Like Testicles :(

Can’t Unsee: These Newborn Hedgehogs Look Like Testicles :(

This might be NSFW?

By Kristyn Pomranz

Listen, as much as we love hedgehogs, we know they’re not for everybody. Lots of people aren’t into their spiny backs, or their pointy faces, or the fact that they’re rodents at all. But undiscriminating animal lovers such as ourselves are able to look past all that and see truly adorable critters.


Today, we saw a Twitter photo that has confused our eyes and destroyed our souls. Today, we saw newborn hedgehogs, straight out of the belly of their mama. Today, we saw baby hedgies for what they truly are: straight-up human testicles.

Now despite the fact that hedgehogs have existed for over 15 million years, it seems that this is the first time that a photo of the kits has every appeared. Because literally the entire internet is aghast at the babies' uncanny resemblance to balls, proving we are not alone in this assessment. 

If you're sitting there thinking to yourself, "Wow, is this what passes for news nowadays?" The answer is yes, yes it is. We hope you've enjoyed this illuminating update re: baby hedgies and testes. Bye!

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