Nicole Kidman Throws Some Major Shade At Giada De Laurentiis - And Her Risotto Balls

Nicole Kidman Throws Some Major Shade At Giada De Laurentiis - And Her Risotto Balls

The actress was having none of Giada's bossy bossy cooking style. 

By Personal Space Staff
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Nicole Kidman threw some serious shade at Giada De Laurentiis and her risotto balls on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday—and it was delicious. Not sure how the balls turned out.

As the celebrity chef instructed both Ellen and Nicole on how to roll scoops of risotto into little balls and fry it, it was clear the 49-year-old actress wasn’t really into what Giada was cooking. Or Giada.

Giada was all work as Nicole rolled her balls, asking her if she’d ever made meatballs before. Nicole’s face says it all, as she gives her the hand and Giada turns away back to Ellen with a bitchy comment.

Then, it was time for homemade flatbread, which Nicole actually spits out, saying “It's a little tough.”

Not tougher than Giada gets, though.

“Nicole, it has been sitting there for, like, five hours!” Giada replied.

The two barely tolerated each other during the segment, with Ellen trying to lighten the mood by saying she’d never handled any kind of balls before, because, "I'm not, no..." as she looks at the camera, laughing.

While she’s joking the other two seem seconds away from a hair pulling, risotto ball throwing, flatbread slapping cat fight.

Just watch.

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