Hey Dog Owners! Make Your Lives 900% Easier with These 9 Dog Hacks

Hey Dog Owners! Make Your Lives 900% Easier with These 9 Dog Hacks

All you need is dryer sheets, a rubber glove, and some old socks.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Fact: Having a dog is the best thing ever. But no matter how much you love them, there are still lots of little inconveniences—like hair everywhere and general added expense. But fret not, friends! We are bringing you nine little life hacks that are about to make your dog-lovin’ life a whooole lot easier.

Where can I get cute sheets for Montys crib mattress? #pitbull #cribmattress

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Easiest Dog Bed Ever

Instead of buying a dog bed, opt for a crib mattress (or a mini crib mattress for small dogs). That way, you can cover it in fitted sheets that you can easily wash anytime you want!

A tip for dogs with bad breath - parsley🌿 #chopitfirstthough #parsley #doghacks

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Solve Stanky Breath

Does your dog have stinking breath? (Whose doesn’t?) Sprinkle some parsley in his dog food for a near-instant cure (that’s also packed with tons of nutrients!

Protect Paws from Snow Salt

Spring is almost here (fingers crossed), but during the snowy season, protect your pups from painful rock salt by slicking his pads with Vaseline. It will keep the salt from lodging and prevent skin dryness and cracking too.


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Calm Nerves with Dryer Sheets

Most people think dogs are frightened of the noise during thunderstorms, but really it’s the heightened electrical current in the air. Pet your dog with dryer sheets and watch his nerves settle like magic.

Another amazing dog hack from @thecottagemarket! A slightly damp rubber glove will pick up hairs from furniture!

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Emergency Lint Roller

Can’t find your lint roller? Found your lint roller but it’s all out of sticky tape? No matter: Just put on a rubber glove, dampen it, and the pet hairs will disappears.

I'm taking a poll. Milo and Otis or Milo and Churro?? #socksweater #newdogontheblock #peanutwithnoname

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DIY Dog Sweaters

Don’t feel like dropping dollars on dog clothes? Just slice up some of your old, used clothing: Try socks for smaller dogs and stretchy sleeves for larger dogs.

DIY Pill Pocket

Mix 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 tablespoon milk, and 2 tablespoons flour. Roll into balls, then use a skewer or chopstick to poke a hole in the middle. Hide pill inside. Voila: your dog thinks you’ve given him a treat but really you’ve given him medicine.

Head in my bowl! Does anyone else eat this way?! 🐶🐾#nomnomnom

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Slow Down Dinner

If your dog eats too fast, put a tennis ball in his bowl. This will force him to slow down, move the ball around, and work at getting his dinner.

Dog hacks you'll love! A shower cap at bath time will help keep those ears dry! #RookesPets #DogHacks

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Ease Bathtime Misery

One of the things dogs hate most about being bathed is the irritation of getting water in their ears. Save their aural canals with a simple shower cap, and say hello to much happier baths!

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