Non-Verbal Boy Finds a Best Friend in Deaf Boxer Foster Dog

Non-Verbal Boy Finds a Best Friend in Deaf Boxer Foster Dog

A li'l something to warm your hearts on this cold winter's day.

By Kristyn Pomranz

A woman named Brandi Guillet recently posted a very touching Facebook message on the page for Deaf Dogs Rock, a website for connecting deaf dog owners with people who are considering adopting a deaf dog.

Brandi explained how she had adopted her son Connor at birth knowing that he had a genetic disorder. Now six years old, he is severely delayed developmentally and non-verbal—but despite Connor's limited motor skills, he can communicate with some sign language.

So when the family decided to foster a deaf boxer named Ellie (from the Coastal Boxer Rescue in Florida) a week before Christmas, Brandi was overwhelmed by her son’s response:

Because Ellie is deaf, she responds to sign language. “To think that Connor can sign to her and actually communicate with her made my heart melt,” Brandi said in an interview with CBS. “They play tug of war, run up and down the slide in the backyard and cuddle on the couch together.”

Now that Brandi has seen how well Connor has responded to Ellie, she is in the process of permanently adopting her and giving Ellie a very special forever home. She followed up on Deaf Dogs Rock: “There is something so special about this dog. Something different… I’m so drawn to her. I sware [sic] this is the beginning of my deafie doggie rescue love.”

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