This is the First Weekend When It's Officially Legal to Drink Alcohol With Sunday Morning Brunch

This is the First Weekend When It's Officially Legal to Drink Alcohol With Sunday Morning Brunch

Because brunch minus booze = just breakfast.

By Drew DiSabatino

Brunch and booze go together like…actually, you know what? No analogy needed—you already know how perfectly the two go hand-in-hand. But up until this week, drinking a Bloody Mary with your eggs Benny in NYC on a Sunday morning wasn’t something you could legally do, thanks to an archaic Prohibition-era law forbidding the practice. 

Fortunately, New York state lawmakers have finally come to their senses and realized that consumer habits can change over the course of 80 years (what!), and that maybe it’s worth re-examining laws made in a time period when bread cost a penny and doctors smoked.

The New York Daily News reports that this week, New York's governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the "Brunch Bill," which will now allow the sale of alcohol at restaurants and bars beginning at 10AM on Sundays. Additionally, restaurants will be able to apply for “special occasion” permits 12 times a year that would allow them to begin selling the hard stuff at 8AM. (Think St. Patrick’s Day, or maybe a really debauched Easter?)

While New York may be happy to buck some of the harsh blue-laws made by its forefathers, alcohol sales in other states are still subject to some wild and varied ordinances.

In Massachusetts for example, happy hours and drink specials of all kinds are completely banned. In Pennsylvania you can’t buy more than 192 ounces of beer (aka roughly two six-packs) at a time. In Idaho only one liquor license per 1,500 residents may be issued. In New York, liquor and wine stores can't also sell beer, and grocery stores that sell beer can't also sell liquor. And in Utah? Drinking laws in Utah are so confusing and restrictive that the state tourism site has a page dedicated specifically to debunking drinking myths.

While laws and regulations for alcohol sales certainly serve a purpose, isn't it important for lawmakers to reexamine those rules every, oh, half-century or so? At least? Yeah, it's long past time to loosen up a bit.

A few drinks should help with that.

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