NYC Mayor's Pizza Tweet Causes Huge Uproar When No One Gets the Joke

NYC Mayor's Pizza Tweet Causes Huge Uproar When No One Gets the Joke

Pizza, the third rail of American politics.

By Drew DiSabatino

Some things in life are sacred: Avocado Toast. Game of Thrones. Adele.

Ok ok, say what you will about those, but here's one sacred rule that's hard to argue with: Pizza, ostensibly the most important food to any American, is not meant to be eaten with a fork and/or knife. The only people who eat pizza with a fork and knife are probably the same people who step onto a subway car before people exit, or who think it’s cool to show up to a Super Bowl party at a stranger’s house empty-handed.

Oh, and, there is one other type of person actually: NYC mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio has long been scrutinized and/or openly lambasted for his tendency to occasionally eat a slice of ‘za with the aid of kitchen utensils. The ridicule makes sense: for any decent, forward-thinking human this is a travesty. New Yorkers and pizza-lovers everywhere will surely remember this:

(In fact, it turns out this is a trend among politicians, but we’re not sure why.)

Either way, the point is that de Blasio is a known utensil-user, and he obviously knows it upsets many in his constituency. So in an effort to poke fun at the offended, and probably because he was bored amidst this week’s East Coast blizzard, Grub Street reports that the mayor sent out a troll-worthy tweet acknowledging that the pizza at Lee’s Tavern in Staten Island was so sturdy that no fork or knife were required.

Cue people flipping out.

From the initial tweet it would seem clear that de Blasio is aware of, and totally in on, the joke about eating pizza with utensils.

But clearly many of his followers didn't get that memo.

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