12 (Boring) Offline Activities to Try if You're Caught Up in the In-Flight Device Ban

12 (Boring) Offline Activities to Try if You're Caught Up in the In-Flight Device Ban

One airline makes the suggestions while basically trolling America.

By Alesandra Dubin

As we know by now, the Trump White House has banned electronic devices bigger than a phone on flights originating from specific airports in eight Muslim-majority countries.

Among the airlines most affected by the change is Royal Jordanian, which is managing to find some humor in the situation... even if it doesn't feel very funny for passengers aboard its way long-haul flights who will no longer have their laptops to entertain them.

Royal Jordanian took to social media to post a list of suggestions for "12 things to do on a 12-hour flight with no laptop or tablet." And the list ranges from practical but oh-so-boring in the digital age, to philosophical, to funny ā€” to not-so-thinly-veiled-jabs at the U.S. government.

For instance, the airline suggests, you could read a book! An actual book! This, by the way, is an Andy Cohen-approved approach to travel. (He goes old school and reads actual paper.) Or you could enjoy a light snack, or say hello to the person next to you ā€” which each pass about five minutes' time.

You could also use the time to find a spiritual connection, such as through meditation ā€” or analyzing the meaning of life. Or hey, you could spend at least a few solid moments appreciating the miracle of flight!

You could also focus on a common in-flight etiquette issue: reclaiming armrest territotry.

Check out the full list here for inspiration:

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