Oh So, Basically Everyone Is Hooking Up In Their Cars These Days In Case You Didn't Know

Oh So, Basically Everyone Is Hooking Up In Their Cars These Days In Case You Didn't Know

Beep beep. 

By Marianne Garvey

Oprah is not going to like this -- she doesn’t want anyone texting and driving, never mind getting hot and heavy while behind the wheel. That’s right, hooking up in the car isn’t just for teenagers.

When asked if they’d ever hooked up in a car (driving or parked), a whopping 84 percent of people responded yes, according to a new survey.

Among the highlights:

Cowgirl and doggy-style positions are considered the best ways to get it on in a car—missionary position was ranked among the least comfortable. Good to know.

Hooking up in sedans was the way to go for 66 percent of those asked, but they “come in last for satisfaction.”

The roomy SUV rated the highest in comfort level for getting it on in the car. Again, good to know?

People even had car types they preferred for their steamy hookups—the top two brands for car hookups were Ford and Chevy, but luxury vehicles like Lincoln, Cadillac and Audi got the highest marks for hookup enjoyment.

So where is all this car sex happening?

Most kept it to parking lots or remote locations, while 43 percent said a driveway worked just fine. Maybe that person who pulled up wasn’t making a U-turn? Thirty-five percent pulled over to the side of the road, while 15 percent paid for a parking garage to get it on.

“The desire for more seclusion explains the second most common spot: a remote location such as the woods. Just because respondents got frisky in a vehicle didn’t mean they were partial to exhibitionism,” said the study.

As for where in—or on—the car people got busy, the answers varied. The top answers were the backseat and passenger seat, while some liked to take their lovemaking to the trunk. OK. A small percent liked to do it on the hood of the vehicle, while a few surveyed (likely gymnasts) preferred sex on the roof of the car. This scenario seems very different for a Smart car and say, a stretch limo.

By the way, is having sex in your car legal? It's complicated.

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