How to Lose Weight by Only Eating at Olive Garden: One Man Who Did it Shares His Tips

How to Lose Weight by Only Eating at Olive Garden: One Man Who Did it Shares His Tips

This would never work for a woman.

The Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Pass is one of the most coveted tickets in North America. Forget Beyoncé, forget the Super Bowl — these plastic passes sold out in under one second (literally!) when they went on sale this past September.

The pass costs $100 and affords you eight weeks of all the Olive Garden pasta you can eat. (This means that if you ate at Olive Garden for every meal for eight weeks, it would be 59 cents per meal for as much spaghetti as you can shove down your gullet.)

Historically, most people clamor for the pass because it’s a pretty good deal if you’re an OG at your local OG. But going forward, people may turn to it as an (ill-advised) dieting tool.

Alan Martin, a pastor in North Carolina, miraculously lost weight while on the pasta pass. He had set a personal goal to lose 10 pounds during the challenge, and although he didn’t fully meet his target, he still managed to shed 5 pounds from his frame.

His tricks? No sugary beverages, fill up on salad, focus on the pasta toppings, and limit yourself to one breadstick. “Those can really add up,” Martin told The Wall Street Journal.

Martin is something of an Olive Garden celebrity. In 2014, he ate every meal (115 in a row) at the pasta chain, effectively making history. (A weird kind of history, but history all the same.) This year, he was bested by a man named Jeff Berman, but there was no bad blood — they celebrated the feat over (what else?) a bowl of pasta. Even crazier? Berman lost a pound during his two-month pasta pass as well.

Cool cool cool. Call us when a woman loses weight on this diet, thx!

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